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Game News
Mission Statement
It is the goal of Blackmarsh Offensive to foster a fun, yet competitive atmosphere that focuses on the player versus player gameplay inside the World of Warcraft.  Blackmarsh Offensive not only strives for self-improvement, but the individual progression of its members within the realm of player versus player combat.

Blackmarsh Offensive will work towards providing:

- Weekly Premade Battleground Groups
- Preparation for Rated Battlegrounds
- World PvP Events
- A Staging Ground for Arena Teams

In return, Blackmarsh Offensive asks that its members act with a friendly, mature attitude and that they treat their fellow members with respect.
Potential Recruits
Potential recruits, please see our recruitment forum for information on applying to Blackmarsh Offensive.  You can also send a tell or in game mail to Shear.
Guild Rankings
Captain - A title reserved for the Guild Leader.

Officer - A rank set for those in the guild who have shown and excellent grasp on their class and generosity for assisting other members with class-relevant questions.  Each class will have one officer who will exist as a class-lead.

Veteran - Recruits of Blackmarsh Offensive whom have shown themselves to be both capable and dedicated hold the title of Veteran.  Recruits can be promoted at the  discretion of both the Guild Leader and Officers.  Veterans must be both actively participating in player versus player combat and level eighty.

Recruit - The introductory ranking for new members to Blackmarsh Offensive.  A Recruit may be any level, but with the intention of leveling to eighty.  Player versus player combat is not required at a veteran level, but still highly encouraged in order to accomplish personal progression.

M.I.A. - Any member of the guild, regardless of rank, who has been inactive for a month long period will be marked as 'missing in action'.  If you are expecting to be away from the guild for a long period of time, please notify either the Captain or an Officer and avoid the M.I.A. rank.
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